The Greater Valley Area needs to show itself off

Published 10:18 pm Friday, June 15, 2018

Ask anyone from the Greater Valley Area what they think about where they are from and they will talk your ear off with a barrage of good things to say. This is earned, as I have come to learn.

The people are always willing to lend a hand or chat you up and the places, while sometimes out of the way, are varied and always have something to offer.

I know this now because I am fortunate enough to work for the paper. Had I not gotten a job here, however, I’m not sure I would ever get the pleasure of experiencing the Greater Valley Area.

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Now, that could be chalked up to nothing but ignorance on my part, a hole in my knowledge of this part of the Southeast. But it seems to me that a lot of people share the same mindset.

I went to school for four years just down I-85 at Auburn University. I was lucky enough to start working here right after graduation, but that meant running out my lease by driving from Auburn to Lanett every day.

Something I noticed during the 30-or-so-minute commute back home every night is all the signs advertising the many things to do in Auburn and Opelika. What I then notice on my way back the next morning is the severe lack of any signage talking about the great stuff in this area.

I am taken aback because, within just a month of being here, I have learned of so many interesting places and even more delicious restaurants.

Anyone from the area will tell those passing through to try this or eat that, so that same mantra should apply for those on the road. Letting people know about what this area has to offer will change it from a snack-and-bathroom road trip stopping point to a “We gotta stop there” destination.

This place has a lot to offer, but people can only take that offer if it is presented to them. Let’s get the word out, folks.