Third suspect should end the search

Published 9:01 pm Wednesday, June 20, 2018

For the past week, residents of the Greater Valley Area have been eagerly paying attention to any and all news related to the three men being sought in connection to the June 13 shooting on Dogwood Circle that resulted in the death of 50-year-old Valley resident Reggie Pearson.

At this time, two of the suspects, Octavious Bridges, 24, and Eric Bridges, 25, both of West Point, are in custody. Octavious was arrested on June 15 at his sister’s home in Fairburn, Ga., and Eric turned himself in this past Monday.

The third suspect, Trent Murphy, 24, of West Point, remains at large and police officials believe he is still in the area.

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Mr. Murphy, we are speaking directly to you. Please turn yourself in. Remaining hidden will not lead to your freedom, as you are only delaying the inevitable by drawing this process out.

We are telling you this because, as a whole, the community wants to see this situation come to a peaceful resolution.

The best course of action is to turn yourself in to the West Point Police Department.

Once in custody, you will have to face the consequences of your actions, whatever those may be. Delaying this reckoning will only make matters worse. Follow in the footsteps of Eric Bridges, who turned himself over to authorities peacefully. If you are guilty of the charges against you, there will be consequences. If you are innocent, the system will find you so. But until you are found, we can only assume your guilt or innocence.