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Published 8:17 pm Friday, July 27, 2018

Those of us in the newsroom are passionate about getting the news out to our communities. For a lot of us, we feel that it is not only our job to do what we do, but our duty as people who have a platform and an audience to do so.

Because of this, we work tirelessly to get out around the Greater Valley Area, making connections with those who know what’s going on and keeping our ear to the ground in case anything pops up. Even while doing all that, though, some days can leave us gasping for more information like a fish without water.

Try as we might, sometimes all we can do is wait on information from those who have it in order to write a story. Law enforcement, organizations or individuals relay nuggets of info to us frequently, but just as that stream can flow with force, slowing to a trickle is far from unheard of. Oftentimes, the organizations we work with do not have all the facts in a specific situation and thus cannot provide information, or are legally bound to withhold certain information for periods of time. This creates a waiting game that limits the flow of news to the people who want it.

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We will always get done what we can on our end, covering what’s important for the people who deem it so; we just ask that you use us as any other public service. Use us as the soap box, the podium or the loudspeaker that will broadcast your news to the masses, getting them involved while keeping us busy.

You’re reading this because you value hearing from us. This is to let you know that we like hearing from you just as much.