Huguley News: Eastern Star officer and Fourth of July

Published 9:18 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

Hello Huguley, it is good to see you! Here is what I managed to get for you this week.

Vashti #431 Order of the Eastern Star held their Installation of officers for the 2018-2019 year this past Saturday at the chapter in Lanett. We had a delightful group of visitors to come and install the new roster of officers.

We had the Associate Grand Matron, Patsy Shirley, Associate Grand Patron David Jordan, , Grand Organist Tracey Hughes, Grand Chaplain Amy Shirley, Installing Marshal, Linda Bouillon Smith to install us. Following the ceremony we all caravaned to El Rio Grande for a delicious meal. It was very nice to not have to fix food or clean up the kitchen!

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Our installed officers included Debbie Holloway, WM, Eddie Holloway, WP, Jackie Ring AM, Jack Wood, AP, Susan Eason, Cond. Paula Smith AC, Susan Wood, Treasurer, Matthew Humphrey Chaplain, Willard Eason, Warder. It was a good afternoon as we were able to later attend the Installation of the upcoming year of the Lanett Masonic Lodge #656. Busy day!

Well, our Fourth of July was a busy one. How was yours? We had hot weather, good food, great friends, a cool swimming hole and peace in our life for at least one full day. I hope your day was safe and full of fun. I sure hope you will let me hear how you spent the day. We did have a tad of excitement late in the day.

BJ had to make an emergency trip to the ER at the local hospital. A copperhead had tried to take a plug from his foot, but the pain wasn’t as uncomfortable as it could have been if it had been a rattler. But, BJ will be fine in no time.

I didn’t hear of any major accidents on Wednesday and I was proud of that. When looking at some of the photos of injuries, it will break your heart. My doggies were so glad it was quiet.

C’mon, guys, let me hear from you. I miss hearing from folks! I stick stuff in here to try to make the column interesting. I feel you get tired of hearing our stuff each week, but, I want to keep in touch with you guys and that is the easiest way to do it.

It is a simple thing to some folks to get answers to prayers. Some don’t believe in it. I certainly do believe in prayer. I had one answered this past week. I needed two dry days to be able to paint some outdoor furniture. Wednesday was so pretty, but no rain. Then Thursday—no rain! So I got it done. Nothing is too small to pray about.

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