Huguley News: Happy Valley Baptist members meet

Published 7:34 pm Friday, July 13, 2018

Happy Citizens from Happy Valley Baptist Church met for their meeting last Tuesday in the fellowship hall of the church. President Susan Eason presented the program. It was entitled The One Thing My Mama Always Wanted. The story related how a rebellious boy learned some life lessons the hard way: on his bottom. A delicious meal was enjoyed by those attending. They were Jerry and Janis Carmack, Jack and Sue Nolan, Susan and Willard Eason, Faye Tines, Jeanette Tilley and Pearl Taunton.

One of the men from Happy Valley, Mr. Rufus Lynch, has been homebound for quite a bit of time and he was surprised recently by a visit of some of the younger men of the church as they stopped by for nice visit. Visiting the Lynches were Mitch Hamilton, Greg Shaver and Mark Summer. The group had a great time as they had an interactive message that touched them all. Mrs. Carolyn stayed in the room to enjoy the message as well.

Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church for the Deaf and Hearing, located at 2821 Cusseta Road, Lanett, will have homecoming on July 22 at 11:00am ET. Evangelist Ronnie Trenton will be the guest preacher. Dinner on the grounds will follow the service. For more information please call 706.773.5330

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I want to interject this word of caution here. It is hot, it is summer, it is snake season. Remember BJ getting bit last week? This week as we were preparing to open the door at a local eating establishment Willard went to open the door and a snake was wrapped around the handle of the door! I would have had a stroke if it had been me, but, he recognized it as being nonpoisonous and he just picked him up and relocated him to the other side of the parking lot! So as my grandmother used to say ‘Be particular’. I have seen photos of people that have truly suffered from snakebite. And some even die. So be careful.

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