LaFayette local wants to improve community

Published 11:46 pm Tuesday, July 17, 2018

LaFAYETTE — Most people in the Greater Valley Area care deeply about their community. Sheila Leiba of LaFayette is trying to manifest this care in a unique way that will give back.

Having spoken to the LaFayette City Council on multiple occasions over the last few months, Leiba has finally chosen a date to hold what she has dubbed the “Big Brother, Big Sister Back to School Bash” in the old LaFayette City Park on Aug. 11.

Leiba’s goal is to start an ongoing community event series to support area children and encourage them to stay engaged in their community.

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“It’s to get people out of the house and let them know that they are still loved and cared-for by the community,” Leiba said. “It’s to benefit the kids and senior citizens and anybody else wanting to have events in the park. I want to give the kids something to do, let them get to know each other and just have some fun.”

Leiba said the park is largely unused, and she hopes that by having events like the Back to School Bash will encourage LaFayette residents to keep it clean and active.

“People are eagerly waiting on it,” she said. “We need something over here. Somebody has to do something with that park. Everybody is saying that that park is just sitting there. No one is doing anything with it, so the response [to the event] is good.”

Leiba has worked with 4-H and has been a Sunday school teacher at her church, thus helping kids feel like they belong is something she has done for her entire life. Part of August’s event will be introducing people to each other, a goal Leiba has to better unite the area.

“If a kid is somewhere else and something happens to them, they can say ‘Oh I know that kid, I met them in the park,’” she said. “That’s a reason I’m doing it too, so that kids can become familiar with the surrounding area and people in it.”

The event itself, according to Leiba, will have games, dancing, food and contests to win prizes. She is in the process of finding local sponsors so that everyone in attendance can eat and drink for free.

“This is to show the kids and give them something to do in their free time,” reads the flyer for the event. “Looking forward to seeing you enjoy yourself with the kids.” 

Anyone who would like more information about the Back to School Bash can contact Leiba at 334-497-0671.