Mayor Riley speaks to Golden Heirs at First Baptist

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

VALLEY — THE GOLDEN HEIRS of First Baptist Church Shawmut met on Tuesday, July 10 in their Family Life Center. In the absence of the president, Nita Abney welcomed everyone and asked Carolyn Oliver to open the meeting with prayer. Their theme song “This Is the Day” was sung before prayer requests were made with Linda Tolbert lifting those mentioned to God. Happy Birthday was sung to Hilda Hunt who celebrated her big day on the 9th.

Liz Landreth read the minutes of the June meeting and Bill Spears gave the treasurer’s report.  During the business session it was decided to have the August meeting on Monday the 13th when Judge Calvin Milford would be available to attend and present the program.

Mayor Leonard Riley spoke at this meeting and gave an update on what’s happening in Valley.  In his comments, Mayor Riley said that more than 1.8 million dollars had been spent on paving in the 2018 fiscal year, that’s the most even for one year. The city has purchased the Fairfax Mill property with the intent to clean it up and it will become ‘green space’, the city has purchased 388 acres down to Givorns’ Grocery Store to add to the Industrial Park and Bethlehem Church Cemetery is almost completely restored with a few items to be added to the beautification.

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Mayor Riley gave updates on several businesses that either have or will be locating in Valley. He also stated that East Alabama Fire Protection District will take over the ambulance service for the City of Valley beginning October 1st  and should save the city about $200,000 per year. He displayed maps to show areas that had been paved, purchased or where new industry would be located an improved number of jobs. There was a time for questions following the program before Rev. Chuck Anderson dismissed the meeting with prayer and asked the blessing on the delicious food.

Those attending were: Bill Spears, Billy Tolbert, Dot Williams, Curtis Moore, Jody Colley, Marsha Smith, Nita Abney, Carolyn Oliver, Hilda Hunt, James Myers, Linda and Bobby Tolbert, Cheryl and Hermon Myers, Chuck Anderson, Elizabeth Hall, Tony Myers, Sandra Meadows, Liz and Terry Landreth, Jeffery Myers, Allen Majors and the guest speaker, Mayor Leonard Riley.

It’s only three weeks away! The 20th Annual Shawmut School Reunion takes place on Saturday, Aug. 11 at the W. O. Kent Recreation Center. Anyone who ever attended Shawmut School is invited and encouraged to attend. The doors will be open at 10 a.m. EDT to welcome those from far and near to come and meet with old friends and make some new ones.

Lunch will start around noon with chicken tenders provided. Those attending are asked to bring your favorite covered dish or side item. Drinks will be provided also.

If you haven’t already done so, mark this date on your calendar so you don’t forget. We look forward to seeing many of the “Children of the Circle” on this date.