The law is progressing; let’s do the same

Published 9:26 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

had previously written about the unsavory driving conditions that can arise on Highway 29 at any given hour of the day. That may have moved some people to be more courteous on the road, but there are still plenty drivers who could use some work.

To help combat these drivers on US 29 and every other road that may pass through Georgia, the Hands-Free Georgia Act was recently implemented, making it illegal to use your hands for anything other than steering the wheel or shifting the gears while driving.

This is a huge step in making the roads safer and more pleasant to drive on for all of us. The issues with other drivers stem from a wide array of sources, but the one that definitely holds the top spot stems from people using their phones while driving.

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This doesn’t include setting up a map and glancing at it, or even changing a song at a red light — in today’s day and age those are just part of driving and shouldn’t keep your eyes off the road for more than a second. What this act does prevent are those who may stare at their phones, shifting focus from road to screen the entire drive, from doing so.

Using one’s phone while driving is extremely selfish and dangerous, as the driver is putting whatever text or call above the safety and lives of other drivers and pedestrians. This act, in Georgia at least, should be enough of a deterrent to make people pay attention to what’s actually important when driving, which is driving.

Hopefully the results from Georgia’s action will become blatantly apparent and Alabama lawmakers will take note. Those of us on the road will thank them.