The memories remain

Published 8:25 pm Monday, July 2, 2018

Demolition of the River View Gym has been underway for some time. The roof has been removed and much progress has been made in taking down the back wall.

This historic building was constructed in the mid-1930s and many residents have fond memories of times spent using the facility.

Unfortunately, a lack of use has led to the gym falling into disrepair and becoming an increasing liability to the city.

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There is a fine line that has to be walked between historical significance and current relevance. Even though this building was a favorite hangout for local youth in days gone by, it had not been properly maintained.

The area was faced with a conundrum, either keep the building and spend the funds to bring it back to usable condition, with no guarantee that it would see any usage, or tear it down and use the land for something else.

Despite how tough this question seems, the right choice was made.

If a town can keep all its historic buildings in functional use forever, great. However, if a building falls into disrepair then it should become a priority to take care of it, in whichever way is best.

Many a person has and will lament the loss of a building that holds an untold number of memories, but the possibilities that will arise from this change could lead to bigger and better things.

And of course, the fond memories will always remain.