Farmers’ Market is something to take pride in

Published 5:26 pm Monday, August 20, 2018

Community events are always a source of fun and the Valley Farmers’ Market is something that everyone should attend.

Occurring every Friday, the event sees a number of local growers showing up to display their wares.

On an average day, an attendee will be able to find a variety of fruits, vegetables and other specialty products for sale at reasonable prices. But it’s the promotional days that are really interesting.

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Last Friday was Free Watermelon Day. In July there was Free Tomato Sandwich Day and in June there was Grilling Day. Every special promotion brought in more people than normal.

But watermelons, tomato sandwiches and grilled fruits and vegetables are not all someone can find at the event. Delicious, freshly-baked bread, honey and home-made soap are also common finds.

Everything is locally sourced and are sure to delight the health-conscious and made-locally fans alike.

Then there is the camaraderie.

If you’re looking for an interesting person to talk to then the Valley Farmers’ Market is a great place to start.

Everyone there will talk at length about their growing process or how they make their products. They will even happily tell them your life story if asked.

This sense of brotherhood and togetherness isn’t something unique to the Greater Valley Area but it is something that should be advertised nonetheless.

People will be more likely to visit the area if they know there are nice and friendly people here selling items that cannot be found elsewhere.

This is something we should all take pride in.