Let’s marvel at the differences

Published 7:36 pm Thursday, August 9, 2018

couple of weeks ago I recollected my experience taking typing in the 11th grade with all the girls in my class. As I said, it was embarrassing as the girls’ fine motor skills were far superior to those of two boys out of the cotton patch. It wasn’t typing that appealed to me but the fact that surfaced (somewhere around 8 years of age) that I liked girls better than boys and that philosophy is intact today.

As the father of 4 daughters, I am acquainted with a lot of feminine activity. As for male superiority in all activity in the pursuit of life, that is nuts. I can truthfully say that all 4 of the daughters are better athletes, smarter and better informed of the world that we live in than their dad. All 4 have advanced degrees in their fields of endeavor. But that is not to say that they could beat me in arm wrestling. The few times we did, I enjoyed their mettle as they gave it the best they got. But, being male, my strength won out.   

My wife won several state tournament titles while playing in adult tennis leagues. She used to embarrass her son-in-law’s with her basketball talents in the goal erected in our driveway. As a Registered Nurse, her occupational skills far exceeded my forestry skills. I could never accomplish the care and wisdom that she exhibited in raising a family.

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There are probably a few males that can weave a blanket or knit patterns on a variety of garments. However, the dexterity of the female population far exceeds the average male’s. I do well to sew a button on my shirt. One thing for sure, we cannot birth a baby or provide vital sustenance to infants.  While growing up on the farm, it was obvious that there were farm tasks that they were better at.  While I was lucky to be able to shell a bowl of peas in an hour, my sister and mother could shell a bushel. Now picking cotton was a back breaking work due to the fact that cotton in the older days did not grow taller than knee high because of the lack of fertilizer.  Trivia question–in the early 1900s, what was cotton fertilizer called?

However, there are some things that the males are naturally better at. I probably have more physical strength for a male my age than any female of equal age locally. Also, one doesn’t see any women playing tackle football. For some advanced athletics, there is a reason for a separate league for men and women. I noticed down at the local ballpark that the outfield fence is closer for girls. Trivia question– what is the United States record weight bench pressed by a female and a male?

The point is that to say that men and women are endowed equally the same is ridiculous. In Genesis, it clearly defines the difference between man and woman.  We are all created in God’s image, equal in value in His sight, but we are not physically created equal.  To claim such denigrates God’s wondrous design. Let us marvel at the differences and at how we complement one another. 

The answer to the trivia quiz on cotton is guano.

The answer to the trivia quiz on bench press (wearing a supportive shirt) is 1075 pounds for male and in 600.8 pounds for female.  Wow!