River View News: Recognizing through a changing world

Published 6:49 pm Thursday, August 2, 2018

WHAT IS good to recognize as we move through a changing world? So much can be said and done. However, it’s highly necessary to recall youths as they move through the world and protect them is our biggest job. The communities are in the news with: safety, health, preparation for voters, money for health and school, also recalling living longer can be a benefit power to America. Young people are to bring all these real-life possibilities as they learn and grow.

Yolacia Davidson, a senior at Tuskegee University and founder of Savinme4Him, is a representative in the Miss Black America Pageant to be held in Kansis City, MO, August 11-16, and is in need of sponsors/donations.  No amount is too small while making this journey to the crown of Miss Black America.  You can make donations by checks made payable to Yolacia Davidson or cash app $SimplyYolacia

HERE IS a Miracle Message.  St. Paul CME Church, Crawford, AL observed the 5th Pastor’s Appreciation for Rev. Johnnie Nelms and Sis. Vanessa Nelms. Sunday, July 8, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. CT. Guest Minister: Nelson Fears and Pleasant View Baptist Church, Salem, AL. The day was greatly enjoyed.

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PLEASE CONTINUE in prayer for the sick and shut ins. Please say a special prayer for our community’s illness. May they all have speedy recoveries.

WE PAUSED to express our condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones. Specialties to the Lyons family and all the families in their entireties. The communities will miss the outstanding of the service.

PLEASE CONTINUE to support the School Bash readiness programs in all communities. And don’t forget the “shoe” locations. These shoes are needed to send over seas. This will be great help for the needy. The Missionary Society is available at the churches, etc.

BELATED BUT Happy Birthday to: Pam Fuller, July 18; Stephanie Stephens, Rodney Heard, July 19; Eric Fullerton, Everlyn Thomas, Audria Fredrick, Kenian Thomas, Brenda Todd, Linda Cooper, Margrett Tyner, Angela Stephens, July 20; Saspy Murphy, Ronona Coker, Curt Williams, Rev. Tony Avery, Marie Johnson, Lamontez Williams, July 21; Kimberly Lowe, Tommy Jean Wilkerson, Irene Lane, Tymichael Howell, Mrs. Betty Trim, July 22; Angela Williams Baa, Jade Floyd, July 23; Casey Hines, Cynthia Lane, Chanique Hardie, Audrey Bailey, Bobby Reece, Larry Granger, July 24; Eddie James, Roderick McGee, Broderick McGhee, Nancy Huguley, Rev. Jackie Banks, Lamerle Hardnett, July 25; Molly Kilgore, Shabree Tyner, Latoya Booie Thomas, Eva Hammond, July 26; Patricia Knowles, Jessica Millem Dunn, Stephanie Grant, July 27; Terry Yates, Lisa McCain, Tamci Colley, Cory Cooper, July 28; Payton Van Zant, Jr., Joy Stillwell, Joe Calvin McGhee, July 29; LaJune Davis, Donna Lynn White, Whitney Street, Waldo Davidson, Dona Coburn, Authur Milford, Courtney Winston, July 31. May all of you have many more.

HONORABLE ANNIVERSARY: many blessings to: Rev. Edward and Irene Lane, July 26. Be happy!!

DRIVE CAREFULLY.  Be on the lookout for small children at bus stops and crossings.  Students will return Aug. 9.

HAVE A good week.