Schools do more than teach

Published 6:33 pm Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The last week in the Greater Valley Area has been filled with more school-related events than you can shake a ruler at. Back-to-school bashes seem to be a staple of early August around this area, and that fact is another excellent example of Chambers County and Troup County’s use of school as more than a place of education.

The big block parties that bring everyone from a city, school or county out to celebrate the beginning of the school year builds community and instills the sense that education is a good and vital thing in the minds of those about to walk the halls of their respective learning institution five days a week.

The school systems in this area show that they want to not only educate the kids, but enrich them in so many other aspects of their lives as well. JP Powell Middle School gave haircuts to their students before the first day, showing them that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Springwood School has opened dorms for international students, giving them a place to call home in this place that is so far away from their actual one. At the beginning of summer, the Chambers County school board appointed ambassadors, kids who showed proficiency in manners and etiquette to the point where they now will represent the entirety of the school system.

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Teachers, principals, superintendents and school staff around here understand that their job is to do much more than help the younger generation understand science and math. Through these events, programs and mentors, Greater Valley Area kids will be educated in every sense of the word.