Shooter, SORNA violater arrested

Published 7:35 pm Wednesday, August 22, 2018

LaFAYETTE — The Chambers County Sheriff’s office processed several individuals Tuesday, Aug. 23, two of whom were processed for violent and sexual crimes.

One of the individuals, Calmease Devaughn McCray, 23, of Roanoke, was arrested on a warrant for a crime committed earlier this year. On June 11, McCray fired gunshots into the home of an ex-girlfriend’s parent’s house.

“It was a domestic situation where he got [angry] at his girlfriend and rode past her momma’s house and shot it up,” said Sgt. Shannon Rollins of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office.

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The residence was reportedly on County Road 160 near LaFayette. Rollins said that no one was in the building at the time of the shooting.

“There was nobody at home,” he said. “The mother was in LaGrange at the time and [the girlfriend] was at a friend’s house somewhere else. [McCray] drove by and shot the house up. Then he calls and leaves a message on somebody else’s phone, telling us that he shot the house up.”

A warrant was put out for his arrest immediately after the incident occurred, but police were unable to locate him as he moved back and forth between Chambers County and the Carollton, GA area. Rollins said he was violating probation for a crime committed in Roanoke when the shooting happened.

According to Rollins, McCray was arrested and processed by Roanoke police and is now in Chambers County jail awaiting questioning from the Sheriff’s Office. According to jail records, there is no bond for his arrest.

Another individual apprehended by Chambers County Sheriff’s Office Tuesday was Thomas Kenneth Taylor, a registered sex offender who violated the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, or SORNA.

Under SORNA, individuals arrested and charged with sexual crimes must always register their location. Taylor, 39, of Valley was arrested in Muscogee County, GA in 2000 for aggravated child molestation. The victim was a seven-year-old female.

According to Rollins, Taylor recently moved to Nevada and failed to inform authorities of his change in location, prompting Chambers County Sheriff’s officers to retrieve and arrest him. He is now in Chambers County jail with no bond.