Better infrastructure is always better

Published 1:17 pm Monday, September 3, 2018

There has been a lot of road work recently. From the city of Lanett working hard to update areas that have been neglected to Chamber County budgeting $700,000 to resurface 5.32 miles of road.

Lanett has steadily been completing its streetscape project and currently Phase I stands at 90 percent complete, according to Mayor Kyle McCoy. The city is also working on securing funds up through Phase IV, which would be for the east side of North Lanier.

Chamber County, on the other hand, has been working hard all summer toward the improvement of five road projects. At this time, four have been completed with the final not far from being finished.

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The completed projects included resurfacing 0.66 miles west on County Road, or CR, 196, known as Brisky Road, from CR 195, 1.2 miles east on CR 500 from CR 279, 2.02 miles south on CR 279 — Ben Brown Road — from US Highway 29 to the Lee County line and 0.89 miles east on CR 388 from Highway 29 to CR 279. Resurfacing on CR 446 from CR 266 west 0.54 miles should be completed soon, according to County engineer Josh Harvill.

The need for good infrastructure cannot be overstated.

We live in an age where roadways clogged with automobiles are the only things directly connecting us with different locations.

Add in the fact that there is no form of public transportation in any of the Greater Valley Area locations and you’ve got a reason to maintain your roads.

Unfortunately, decay caused by the loss of the mills affects the road like they affected everything else. Thankfully the various governmental bodies have tried to, at the very least, maintain the roads we have. Thankfully now we are in a position where roads can be fixed and improved upon.

The work completed in recent months has been nothing short of astonishing. Let’s keep up that momentum as we move into fall and winter.