Chattahoochee Fuller Center House 41 under construction

Published 6:26 pm Thursday, September 20, 2018

VALLEY — At approximately 8:30 a.m. Thursday morning, work began on Chattahoochee Fuller Center Project House No. 41.

The plan is to have it dried in by the end of the workday on Friday. Work will start on CFCP No. 42 next Thursday and to have it dried in the next day. Work will resume on both houses on Monday, Oct. 8 and both should be finished by Friday of that week.

“The First Baptist Church of Valley has taken on No. 41 and is doing a great job with it,” said CFCP Executive Director Kim Roberts. “House Captain Doug Dewberry gets things done fast, and it’s great to see the way it’s coming together. It’s good to see Steve Tramell here today. He loves helping people. He’s going to be the house captain for the No. 42 build next week.”

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It was a hot day on Thursday, but it didn’t slow down the pace of work on the new home off Huguley Road. No. 42 will be the fifth new home to go up in the neighborhood in recent years.

“We’ve been planning this and talking about this for the last four or five months,” said Rev. Nathan Lawrence of the First Baptist Church of Valley. “We have supported the Fuller Center for a long time, but this is the first time we’ve taken the lead on building a new home.”

The First Baptist Church of Valley has approximately 250 members. It’s looking at building a new church a short distance up Highway 29 from the present location at the end of Fob James Drive. Parking is a big problem at the present location, and many parishioners have to cross Highway 29 to get to services. The church has purchased a 30-acre site near Chambley’s as the location for the new church. The church is landlocked at its present location, with no room to expand. That won’t be a problem on a 30-acre site.

Roberts is excited at the prospect of having two new Fuller Center homes completed during the same week. Nos. 41 and 42 will bring the 2018 total to four new homes.

“Can you believe that?” she asked. “We are so grateful for the community’s support. As long as the community supports what we do we will continue to build new homes.”

Around 20 to 25 volunteers are on the work site during a two-day drying in a period. Finishing up the construction usually takes a full week with 30 to 40 people.

“We also want to thank the men from New Birth Ministries,” said Roberts. “They have been so helpful to us in our past builds, and they are here today.”

The concrete slab will be poured for No. 42 on Friday and the walls will be going up next Thursday. It should be dried in by the end of the workday on Friday. The work site is located on East 7th Street in West Point, across the street from the historic Bethlehem cemetery.

Helping Mayor Tramell with the construction will be volunteers from Norbord, Knauf and Coca-Cola. The house is being built in memory of Cliff Glover.

The busiest pace of work for both houses will be taking place the week of Oct. 8-12.