City of Valley recovers mini-excavator stolen 4 years ago

Published 6:53 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

VALLEY — The four-year mystery of a stolen mini excavator has been solved. At the Monday evening meeting of the Valley City Council, Public Works Director Patrick Bolt said the missing vehicle has been located on a horse farm in Georgia.

“Several agencies are involved in this,” he said. “Some other stolen items have been recovered as well.”

In 2014, the city purchased the mini excavator for approximately $90,000. It was to be used primarily in bringing down dilapidated houses and in needed excavation projects around the city. It was stored at the Public Works building on Fairfax Bypass.

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Not long after the city had gotten it, an unknown person or persons broke inside the storage lot, cranked the vehicle and used it to smash down the fence.

It was then placed on a trailer from the lot and taken to parts unknown.

The vehicle was insured, and when the city was compensated for its loss by an insurance company, another mini excavator was purchased to take its place.

According to Bolt, it has served the city very well since that time. It’s a very valuable piece of equipment.

The recovered excavator will be going to the insurance company and will likely be auctioned off.