Film festival a unique experience

Published 6:05 pm Thursday, September 6, 2018

Today sees the return of the Lanett Film Festival. As both an art form and type of business, filmmaking holds a unique position in American culture. Everyone has a memorable movie-going experience and, for some, that leads to a life-long love of cinema.

The fact that a city like Lanett has an event like this festival is incredibly positive for the town. There will be several short films, a few feature-length films and two question and answer sessions.

There should be something for everyone during the two-day event.

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Then there is the fact that the festival is bringing people from various communities together.

Lanett is a small town that is part of a greater community and this is shown off best in the fact that the festival is spread out across a number of venues in both Lanett and West Point. Because there isn’t one contained area for everything, multiple locations are needed.

Anyone looking to attend multiple showings will likely be required to visit the Lanett City Hill, the Jane K. Farrar Event Center and the New Horizon Theatre.

To help get people back and forth, a bus will be shuttling people between the venues.

Maybe those visitors will stop at a few local stores and restaurants in between shows.

There is no doubt that the Lanett Film Festival is one of the more unique experiences in the Greater Valley Area. Everyone who helped bring it back for the second year should be commended and every citizen should make an effort to visit at least one show.