Football season is in full swing

Published 7:55 pm Friday, September 7, 2018

Hello Huguley friends, I hope you are having a great Saturday. Make sure you get close to a television set this afternoon! Football season is in full swing now, so you won’t want to miss a game.

Well, I hope you all had a safe and happy Labor Day! We were just glad to have a few days off. We actually stayed around the house all weekend and only went off on Monday. We headed to Cheaha for the day. It was a very good day, except all the muscles I found on Tuesday that I didn’t know I had on Monday. They were still complaining as the week wore on. I don’t think we will be climbing to the top of the tower any time soon. The leaves hadn’t started to turn at all yet. So if you want to see the fall leaves all ablaze you need to wait about two or three weeks. During that time, sit back and watch a football game! Get your tailgate food, your pom poms,  your cheerleader outfits or whatever you prefer and cheer your team on.

I heard that Carolyn and Rufus Lynch, and Clessa Hill had a different group of church members from Happy Valley Baptist to drop in for Sunday school time last week. Making the visit was church members Mark Summers, Greg Shaver, Cookie Thomas, Alan and Leigh Summers, Nancy and Mitch Hamilton.

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Man, I saw something last week that I don’t remember seeing in our neck of the woods in such a long time. It was a huge grass cutting machine. It was one they use on cutting the sides of the road out in the country. But it came through our neighborhood and cut the sides of our street. Made the sides of the road look a lot better though. We might not have wrestled with cutting our ditch if we had known they were coming!

If you plan on getting a costume for the fall or Halloween season, you’d better hurry. I was out one afternoon and the stores are already looking picked over. Lots of adults really get into the dressing up part of Halloween. A costume is a party looking to happen! I love the different costumes.

Ok, I am clearing out for today. I hope you have a good weekend. Please know I surely wish I could get YOUR news before Facebook gets it; Or even after the fact would be fine. I’d appreciate it a bunch! Shoot me your news to or just call my number 706-773-6550.