Huguley News: These past weeks have been pretty busy

Published 4:42 pm Friday, September 28, 2018

Hello Huguley community friends, Man, was last week a long one for you? My weeks were rearranged somewhat so it made it a long week. It seems with football season in full swing, the Saturdays seem to come around so quickly! No sooner are folks finished licking their wounds over one ballgame and it is time for tailgate food and another football game. I enjoy watching folks get so excited over local rivalry ballgames.

In case you are looking for a place to dump excess firewood that you might have been cutting just for the fun of it this summer, you can sure drop some off at our house. Watching the weather forecasts for the next three or four months makes me think we will need this fire wood pretty quickly once the weather changes.

Willard had a nice little ride this past week. He and Raymond Abercrombie headed out on Thursday morning headed to Tampa Florida in the Scottish Rite Van to carry a young patient to the hospital in Tampa for a doctor’s visit. It is such a fulfilling thing, to be able to carry a young patient to see their doctors when the young patients can get the care at a specialist’s hospital that we do not have locally. These guys give of their time and energy to transport patients to hospitals in Greenville, SC, Cincinnati, OH and Tampa FL. I am sure they are located elsewhere, but these are the ones that Willard travels to most often. I am proud he can make these trips.

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I was watching some videos the other day and I watched some of the fans at one of the ballgames. Man! Some fans go all out to support their teams. Hats, body paintings, horns, funny clothes, acting a nut! These antics make for some entertaining games when the camera pans across the stands looking for fans. I would imagine if the game is pretty close in scores, that some of those folks go home completely exhausted. I am not a huge football fan but I sure do love going to watch the crowd! We went to the Sugar Bowl one year and we had a really good time. Willard watched the ballgame and I watched the crowd.

Happy Citizens from Happy Valley Baptist got together for our game day last Tuesday. Our crowd was down some but, we still had a good time. We played several cards of BINGO and enjoyed a delicious meal together. Gathering were Susan and Willard Eason, Anne Howard, Jerry and Janice Carmack, Dave Marie, Pearl Taunton. I hope I got all of us!

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