Ramblin’ Around: Lack of Common Sense

Published 6:30 pm Thursday, September 20, 2018

As I have stated before, I am one of the 310 million Americans who has no sense but am very “common”.  Every day things happen in our country that doesn’t make common sense to someone that was raised in a cotton patch in Buffalo.

It seems like once a group of unattached people (mainly federal agencies) sit around a conference room, there is a direct relationship between the increase of what each person thinks is the next great idea and the decrease of things that just make common sense.

The US Forest Service was pleased that the “Smokey Bear” initiated in our Northwest Forests was a great success… The involved agencies in implementing this “No Burn” policy had our Country’s best interest at heart. No longer would the atmosphere be polluted with carbon from uncontrolled burning forests.  However, all familiar with Forest Management has decided that this “No Burn” policy created conditions that were adverse to the environment. When a fire breaks out in the North Forests such as lightning strikes, it is uncontrollable due to the accumulation of understory growth. There are no occasional fires that prevented the build-up of understory vegetation, resulting in more damaging fires rather than less.

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I have been trying for some time to find out the common sense in using cents in our economy. In early years one could purchase a lot of items with a penny. I remember that a piece of bubble gum cost a penny. Also, items such as a pencil, a cough drop and a box of pins for blackboard use were only a penny. Now, nothing is sold for a penny. However, numerous items such as the items listed previously are priced with cents added to the purchase price. Why are the items on the market not rounded off to a 5 cents value? I pointed out to former Chief Tony Bailey how stupid it was to price gas with $.99 cents added to the cost. I was embarrassed when he responded by saying any idiot knows that the 99 cents gas is not a cent issue as you simply stop the pump without a penny shown on the purchase

My wife has a collection of pennies in jars on the window frame of the kitchen sink. This is a waste of Treasury money as it costs 1.6 cents to make a 1 cent coin. To mint a nickel costs almost twice its value.

Now, here is the biggest example of Common Sense. It is obvious that this writer is not Harvard Graduate. However “Common Sense,” tells you that there has to be a Creator.

For example, you have a pulse of 60 beats a minute or 3,660 beats in an hour which is 86,400 in a day. In a lifetime your heart beats that is in the billions. Do you mean to tell me that all of this complex body system was created by chance? To any thinking person using “Common Sense” knows that there is a CREATOR.