Register to vote regardless of the day

Published 6:10 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The social-media run world that we all live in is host to many national “days.” Hot Dog Day, Best Friend Day and even Pet Appreciation Day are commonplace among hashtags and trending tabs and the majority of them have no other purpose than to give a bit of meaning to an average week day.

Yesterday, however, this day-naming trend was used for good as Sept. 25, 2018, was deemed “National Voter Registration Day,” the name given to the fourth Tuesday of September since 2016.

Emblazoned with #RegistertoVote, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook were alive with people on all sides of the political spectrum urging their followers and friends to prepare for November’s elections by registering in their respective state.

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Even the local Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce had the day marked on their calendar so that area residents who may not be as social-media-savvy could be inspired all the same.

National events like these that use the excitement of online mediums are an unrelinquishable tool to get all generations involved in the process of democracy.

Political discourse is as common as discussion about the weather in most online communities, making it even that much more important that we as a country make sure that the people who are so impassioned in the comments section have the same level of tenacity in the poll booth.

Cliché or not, voting is a privilege that we would all be foolish to ignore. National Voter Registration Day acts as a way to encourage more and more people every September to shed that ignorance and take action.

Everyone who is able should register to vote, regardless of the day.