River View News: This is the season to get educated

Published 6:29 pm Thursday, September 20, 2018

HEY THERE!! It’s the season to hear this word, all study to learn it and everyone in the world should have it on a “level” of “choice.” The seven-letter word is “educate.” Even the gun violence educators say “no” to people being armed with guns, unless there is “real solution” to what it is.

What did school face this term? Some faced bad news because there was news that a gun was at their school, places for “fun” was also a place for a “gun.” And still it seems like ice cubes falling from a flame when hear about a teacher needs this protection.

Some communities had its say. Some say it is too easy now a days to get guns. Some say be can careful and keep your eyes open there may be trouble coming. Teachers should never think that way! Even the thought, would make school less safe. Just Listen!

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Ninety-one per cent of the “Democrats” say: It Is Too Easy to get guns. Meaning that there should be some movies for classes to show the adults and young people that “back” in school, concentration was on field trips and inventions rather than a teacher’s business of this wicked legal system. The teachers should be focused on no one carrying a gun to school. When you go out to vote, vote for no one to carry a gun to school and no one to carry a gun in school. These are ideas resulting from NEA pertaining to Gun Violence in an “Educated World.”

Thanks to NEA (National Educational Association) for your safety concern in all communities and Human Society. Also: NEA is highly turned on about supporting help for burdened; communities, parents and Administrators. But the lawmakers must do their part.

National Education Association are performing activities that challenge the schools and paraeducators such as: bus drivers, cafeteria workers, or school secretaries, everyone who works at a public school. So many questions they as faced in this challenge education, the key to all communities is: to show up and speak up. See educatorsrun.org. Keep your votes working. Enforce your law.

PLEASE CONTINUE to pray for the sick and shut ins. Say a special prayer for Mrs. Alice Hall, and pray for America.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Hugh Clive Richardson, Jr., Zikia Floyd, Jimmy Sands, Sept. 1; Isaac C Robinson, Sept. 2; Cerenity Stringer, Sept. 3; Patsey  Jeremy Kilgore, Vernon Smith, Sept. 4; Patsey Elliot, Sept. 5; Melanie Williams, Sabrina Askew, Sept. 6;  Joy Harris Horne, Tamiko Barnes, Sept. 7; Donna Milner,Tommy Lee Autry, Sept. 8; Pretrice Finch Williams, Mary Tucker, Cheri Knight, Mannika Cooper, Sir Ian D’ Autry, Sept. 9; Joyce Cantrell, Cedreikous Williams, William Johnson, Crystal Ganus, Atasha Houston, Niki Hubbert, Sept. 10; Anita Madden, Annie Wimberly, Jessie Jones, Darlene Williams, Sept. 11; Bruce Wilkerson, Chris Hall, Mary Ann Varner, Alyssia Moree Brooks, Sept. 12; Reed Allen, Brad Leaks, Kelsey Pruitt, Jasponica Florence Moore, Sept. 13; Emma Gibson, Eriyada Darden, Sept. 14; Narfunda Ross, Toya Stephens, Genesis Heard, Candice Thomas, Jamie Whaley, Mary Winston, Sept. 15. May all of you have many more.

SUPPORT YOUR team. Don’t forget to drive carefully.

SEPT. 9 was Grandparent’s Day.

A VERY special and Happy Wedding Anniversary to: Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Regina Chambers, Sept. 14. Enjoy your day and be blessed!!

GAE RETIRED  save the date 2018-2019 meetings: Sept. 19, 2018, Jan. 25, 2019, March 9, 2019 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m..

HAVE A good week.


THIS IS season to have high school spirit and joy! The joy becomes greater when there is a future view of the coming activities.

First, the congratulations are due for two writing composers of the Valley Times News Publisher Baker Ellis and Editor and Designer Steven Thomas and other participants for other categories. They wrote an outstanding magazine entitled: Gridiron Preview 2018. This lovely piece of literature contains many of the cities, participating high school football players, coaches and accompanying band music on the field. May we say this is a beautiful job of is well done. 

I am proud to see my sweet little cousin, Ivey Gibson and a backup with support, Debbie Wood. She is very strong for the people’s growth in society.

SUNDAY WAS a grand day at church St. Stephens CME Church, in Valley, AL. There was quiet time of moments of Love as the church received another lovely member. The Church opens its receiving arms to receive love, lead, and bless God’s children. The Church Family extends gratitude to Mr. and Mrs. Robinson families.

WHAT DO think about a great school year? Keep growing, knowing, and doing! The world of public schools must keep moving forward to understand what and how you have been taught. You will still achieve as Americans have always. Therefore, good teachers should continue to receive raises in pay!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to: Tracy Winston, Cynthia Barrow, Marilyn Williams, Lisa Allen, Michele Copeland, Jo Ann Newton, Phyllis Floyd, Aug. 16; Robert Ray, Jamartez Barker, Daphne Ivy Gibson, Aug. 17; Tiffany Hall, Rannessia Stiggers, Bertha Magbee, Shannon Smith, Aug. 18; Jeanette Smith, Bruice Milner, Ariel Underwood, Aug. 19; Tommy Woody, Elladeir Walker, Renae Jones, Gwendolyn Barnes, Aug. 20; Lynn Clark, Rev. Edward Lane, Larrell Coker, Tamalita Autry, Marie Turner, Aug. 21; Tyra Thompson Robinson, Lamar Henderson, Victoria Michele McCauley, Jaynell Morris, George Ray Woods, Aug. 22; Wanda McKenney, Roger Walker, Aug. 24; Olivia Hall, Latamua K. Harris, Marshnita Madden, Chris Hall, Dequon Travis,  Kynnedi Crim, Thomas Howell, Aug. 25; Mekedah Carr, Elaine Harper, Lois Tumblin, Aug. 26; Kim Nolen, Beatrice Finley, Constance Floyd, Aug. 26; Betty King,  Khylor Harper, Kaelin Crim, Heather Dunn, Tommy Woody, Arthur Milford, Noriko Colquit, Aug. 28; Kadeem Boone, Stanley James, Tondra Dawson, Heather Newton, India Floyd, Aug. 30; Spencer Johnson, Kim Mann, Michael Hill, Jr. Randy Newton, Aug. 31. May all of you have many more.

CONTINUE TO pray for the sick and shut ins. And Pray for America.

SUPPORT YOUR football team.

WE ARE wishing Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland and Betty King a Happy Wedding Anniversary, Aug. 31. Have a great day!

SURELY YOU two had an enjoyable day for your Wedding Anniversary to: Mr. and Mrs. Aquenda and Patricia Dunn, Aug. 15. Have a blessed future.

DRIVE SAFELY and Have a good week.