For those who have lost, holiday inspiration is on the way

Published 7:54 pm Monday, October 22, 2018

Unless you have been living underneath a rock, it is quite obvious that the holiday season has arrived.  Stores have been converted into winter wonderlands and the sounds of seasonal music reach the ears of shoppers across the country. 

For some, this is the time of year that they look forward to the most, while others are desperate to avoid the feelings and emotions that appear around every corner or on every radio station due to facing this holiday season for the first time (or the second, third, etc.) without their loved one.

The thing is that when grief comes into our lives, a cloud of uncertainty enters and what was once a joyful time filled with family and friends now becomes a painful memory of what has been lost. 

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Laughter and good cheer can be approached with bitterness and anger, a reminder that pumpkin pies or presents under the tree take on a new meaning this year.  As friends and family of those who are grieving, we must become sensitive to the pain of loss and try to be present for those who are currently facing the challenge of the holidays. 

It is not easy — either for the griever or for those who are trying their best to support them.

With that said, an inspirational “Coping with the Holidays” luncheon is coming to the area soon.  On November 8th, at the Opelika SportsPlex from 11:30-1:00 CST, you are cordially invited to attend a free luncheon (sponsored by Hospice Compassus, The Opelika SportsPlex, Jeffcoat-Trant Funeral Home, and Kitchen 3810) featuring local psychologist Dr. Peggy Howland who will offer words of inspiration to those who are grieving. 

Perhaps the best thing about this event is that it is an opportunity to bring us all together and acknowledge the fact that we are hurting, that we have lost a loved one and are experiencing some anxiety or apprehension about the upcoming holidays.  Do we celebrate or not celebrate?  Keep traditions or change them up?  How do we talk about this with our family and friends?

Please consider joining us and make your reservation by November 2nd by calling (334) 502-0216.  Again, this is a free event and there is certainly not a timeline on when your loss occurred, so whether it has been a few weeks, months or years, your presence is welcomed.  Additionally, we will hold a Remembrance Gathering called “Light the Night” behind Bethany House that same evening at 6 p.m.

For this, no reservation is required and candles will be dispensed at the event. 

So, in short, on Nov. 8, there will be two healing events in one day that will be held to lend support and validate the feelings of those who are grieving. 

Save this article, clip it out and share it with friends and family and come and be present with us this year.  Holidays, Hope and Healing — let’s do this together. For more information, please call Jenny Filush-Glaze at (334) 502-0216.