Lanett awards new paving contract to Evergreen

Published 9:07 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

LANETT — After revoking a paving bid in their last meeting, the Lanett City Council on Monday awarded a new paving bid to Evergreen Erosion Control, Opelika, Ala. and authorized Mayor Kyle McCoy to sign the agreement.

Evergreen offered a lump sum price of $212,500 to do the work.

On June 4th, the city approved a contract for Chris Clark Grading & Paving to do the same work for a little over $300,000.

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That contract specified that the work be completed within 60 days, a period that expired on August 4th.

Roads to be resurfaced include:

•1,772 linear feet of South 8th Avenue from South 12th Street to South Jennings Avenue;

•440 linear feet of South Jennings from the intersection of South 8th;

•680 linear feet of South 8th Street;

•260 linear feet of South Jennings near CVS Pharmacy;

•380 linear feet of South 14th  Street from South Jennings to Highway 29;

•260 linear feet of South 15th Street near South Jennings;

•230 linear feet of South 3rd Avenue off Highway 50;

•1,420 linear feet of North 12th Street from North 6th Avenue to North Lanier Avenue;

•440 linear feet of North 4th Avenue from North 12th to North 14th Street;

Keith Bollenhoff, Evergreen’s vice president of operations, was present at the meeting and pledged to get to work on these streets as soon as possible.

Evergreen also has the contract to do the paving work on the new runway at the Lanett airport.