Lanett paving – it’s about time

Published 9:30 am Thursday, October 4, 2018

During Monday’s city council meeting the city of Lanett awarded a new paving bid for $215,00 to Evergreen Erosion Control in Opelika.

Roads to be resurfaced in the bid include South 8th Avenue, South 12th Street, South Jennings Drive near CVS Pharmacy, North 12th Street and North 14th Street. Keith Bollenhoff, Evergreen’s vice president of operations, was at the meeting and vowed to the council that works on the streets will be done as soon as possible.

It’s about time.

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Driving the streets in Lanett is akin to driving through a maze to avoid decimating a vehicle via the multitude of a potholes pockmarking the streets or the pieces of glass hidden in groups of rocks.

The repaving of streets in the city has been long overdue, to say the least. Not only does paving make the streets visibly look more appealing, but repaving will also make Lanett a safer place to drive than it currently is.

Chris Clark Grading & Paving originally had a contract with the city of Lanett for $300,000 to do the same work granted by the city on June 4 of this year. The contract specified that the paving was to be completed within 60 days, an opportunity that expired on Aug. 4. The work was not completed in that allotted time window.

Completing the re-pavement work is not only important for the reputation of Evergreen Erosion Control, but also for the council and citizens of Lanett to understand that the city is serious about completing work it has made plans to complete.

The roads have been an issue that community members have brought up for years and whether or not the council has worked on it, the work has yet to be completed. The importance of completing the paving goes beyond the act of repairing the roads and will lead to a renewed sense of trust between the citizens and the city. Citizens want to be reminded that the city will act on issues that community members have brought up and will remain persistent until the issues are resolved.

The Lanett City Council has a chance to restore a lot of faith back into the community if they continue to push for this repaving project to be completed.