New Poll Pads technology is expected to make voting process quicker

Published 6:36 pm Tuesday, October 23, 2018

In less than two weeks, voters around the country will go the polls to decide important statewide races. In some parts of the country, record turnout is expected.

We hope that’s the case in Alabama, especially in Chambers County, where the process to vote figures to be quicker than in the past. Chambers County will use Poll Pads, which will allow the check-in process to be sped up.

The Poll Pad is essentially an iPad that allows voters to check into their precinct.

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The pads allow poll workers to scan a voter’s driver’s license, state ID or voter ID card and is expected to greatly reduce wait times.

The process to vote will still be the same, but people are often taking time from lunch or from their busy schedules to head to the polls, so any time saved is significant.

Chambers County was one of 25 counties statewide that tested the Poll Pads in the 2016 general election and the feedback was extremely positive.

We write regularly how important it is to vote and have your voice heard, and now that process should be easier and faster.