Prime Timers of the Lanett Nazarene Church enjoy retreat

Published 6:07 pm Monday, October 1, 2018

LANETT — The Prime Timers of the Lanett Nazarene Church spent the weekend of September 14 – 16, 2018 at Rolling Hills Campground in Calera, AL for the annual Prime Timers retreat.  Prior to leaving the church Horace Welch had prayer for a safe journey.  We left the church at noon on Friday, the 14th, and stopped in Clanton, AL at the Peach Park for delicious homemade peach ice cream and a little shopping.  We then headed on to Rolling Hills.  Once we got to the campground we proceeded to get registered, get our assigned rooms, unpacking and getting ready for the evening meal. 

The retreat’s director was Gail Holley from the Lanett Nazarene Church who did a great job.

The music was lead by Rev. Gene Cook and his wife, Linda, on the piano.  Following the evening meal Rev. Cook let us in singing some great songs.  Dwight Grainger did a special prior to the service and this  was followed by Rev. Mark Allis, Pastor at Rock Mills Nazarene Church, who gave a very inspiring message.  This was followed by “Snack ‘n Yak” and then followed by a skit.

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Saturday morning got started off with a delicious breakfast followed by Chapel which was lead by Rev. Mark Allis.  Following the morning service we had a very enjoyable “auction.”  Horace Welch was the auctioneer and really had everyone laughing and having lots of fun, his helper was Wayne Belcher.  Following the auction we had lunch and then free time.  The free time gave everyone a chance to rest, go shopping or tour the campgrounds.  The free time was followed by the banquet meal and the theme was “School Days” and everyone was asked to try to dress as they did in school.  Following the banquet we had Sing Along with a trio special by Rev. Gene Cook, Rev. Mark Allis and Gerald Brumbeloe.   Following the sing along we had a concert performed by “Heartline” from Prattville, AL.  Then, you guessed it, more “Snack ‘n Yak”.

The Prime Timers King/Queen for 2018/1029 are Chuck and Debra Cain from the Lanett Nazarene Church.

Sunday morning was started with another good breakfast and singing prior to Sunday School.  Rev. Gene Cook taught the Sunday School lesson.  Following the Sunday School we had a short break prior to the Morning Worship Service which was lead by Dr.Mark Berry, District Superintendent.  Following the service we had lunch and then departed for home.

On the way home we had to stop, again, in Clanton, AL at the Peach Park for homemade peach ice cream and some more shopping.

Those enjoying a great weekend from the Lanett Church were:  Horace & Shirley Welch, Wayne & Sylvia Belcher, Dwight & Johnnie Grainger, Martha Lauderdale, Denise Dollar, Gail Holley, Bonnie Reed, Linda Beckum, Larry & Susan Tankersley, Gerald & Dot Brumbeloe, and Church & Debra Cain.