Wood, McGee running for District 38 seat

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Alabama House District 38 covers parts of Chambers and Lee counties. Current representative Isaac Whorton will be replaced by either Democratic candidate Brian McGee or Republican candidate Debbie Wood when ballots are cast Nov. 6.

McGee is running under the slogan “Leave no one behind” which he said reflects his military career that includes service in Vietnam with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and then the 397th Engineer Battalion of the Army Reserves.

“I woke up one day and said that this country is going down the wrong way,” McGee said. “I threw my hat in the ring, because I know I can do better than what’s out there.”

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McGee said he wants to use his “pushy” demeanor to be heard in the capital about issues relating to the district, especially healthcare.

“We need to work on pressuring people to get the Medicaid expansion done because it is going to help all of the rural hospitals, including Valley,” he said. “Valley is temporarily out of the woods, but it’s not completely out.”

Because of his 37-year career in education, McGee also said he wants to place an emphasis on funding state schools and programs.

“We have to pass the education lottery,” he said. “On the east side of Alabama, we have tons of money floating across and supporting the education system in Georgia. We need to support our own education system.”

As for the Republican candidate Wood, she said education was a priority for her as well, and that the issue should be looked at “from cradle to college.”

“We spend the majority of our money on education for our kids, which is where we should be spending it,” she said. “But, if we only benefit our children and send them off because there aren’t jobs here for them, then what have we done. We are losing our best minds.”

Wood’s background is based in Chambers and Lee County, as she owns Century 21 Wood Real Estate and holds a seat on the Chambers County Commission.

“I felt like that, from the position I already have, I would make really wise decisions and be considerate of the people at home,” she said. “All you’re doing as an elected official is taking other people’s money and investing it as wisely as you can for services and products for the community that makes our lives better, that’s why I wanted to run.”

She said that her commission seat has shown her the importance of local infrastructure, something she hopes to emphasize.

“In Chambers County, we only get just over $500,000 for over 400 miles of road,” she said. Bigger places have more traffic, but they also have more funds to work with. You have to have a transportation plan for passable roads.”

Something that both candidates agree on is the need for those within District 38 to vote next Tuesday.

“If we get a huge turnout, win or lose, I’ll feel like I’ve done my part,” McGee said.

“Voting is your voice. Exercise your voice. Every vote does count,” Wood said.