Commission approves Annex land, sign purchase

Published 11:49 pm Tuesday, December 4, 2018

LaFayette — After authorizing the purchase of land and a sign at the Lanett Annex, the Chambers County Commission used their meeting Monday night to approve a budget revision in order to pay for it all.

The $50,000 adjustment unanimously approved by the commission will alter the fund balance and Commission Office’s Capital Outlay to provide them with the funds necessary for the projects. After their approval, the county’s total budgeted expenditures totaled just over $6.418 million.

The land purchased stretches along Highway 29 between the annex building and 6th Street in Lanett. Currently owned by Charter Bank, the land was almost purchased by another party earlier this year. At their November 15th meeting, commissioner Eastridge described why that purchase never went through.

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“It kind of slowed them down when they found out there was a large drain underneath it,” Eastridge said of the third party. “It would not be substantial to hold a building up.”

The lion’s share of the budget amendment will go towards this land purchase. Stated at the November meeting of the commission, the land will cost the county $39,780. The rest of the funds will go towards the purchase and installation of a new annex sign.

Also at their meeting Monday, the commission approved their schedule for 2019. With the usual two-a-month tradition continuing, the commission has added a work session to be held before every meeting.

“I would like to thank the commissioners for agreeing to have that work session, I think it was very beneficial for us,” said Eastridge. “During that time we have the opportunity to discuss questions and the public is welcome as well.”

Resolutions to remove two properties from industrial park status were additional agenda items. Both of the properties are part of the Langdale Mill complex in Valley and were requested to be removed by East Alabama Water, Sewer and Fire Protection and the Chambers County Board of Education.

Major TJ Wood of the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office presented the Deputy of the Quarter Award to Deputy Alex Laney.

“Deputy of the quarter is a really big thing because this is something that his peers nominated him for,” Wood said of Laney. “It’s not the administration, it’s not people from the outside, it’s people who actually work with him and work along with him.”