Firework store ready for busy New Year’s

Published 6:08 pm Friday, December 28, 2018

LANETT – The New Year is just days away and although there will be plenty of new resolutions about how to be a better person in 2019, the night sky will also see plenty of colors.

Fireworks will light up the Valley Monday night — if Mother Nature corporates — and Marsha Pickens at Fireworks Warehouse in Lanett wants everybody to have a safe, but fun, New Years’ celebration.

When walking into Fireworks Warehouse near exit 77 on Interstate 85 in Lanett, customers will see wall-to-wall fireworks. Pickens, the store’s manager, said for the past 15 years, the fireworks shop has been providing fireworks to people in the Valley. 

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This year, the grand finale items have been a hot item, Pickens said. Fireworks like Gorilla Warfare, Chasing Booty and Royal to None are items that shoot off several fireworks at once, similar to a finale at a professional firework show.

For those not sure what they are buying, she said the employees will show the customer what the firework does to help them make a purchase by showing them a video.

“Showing the video helps a lot,” Pickens said. “Once they see what it can do, it really helps them make that decision.”

Other grand finale packages shoot fireworks one at a time and have more colorful displays.

It’s not just grand finales that are available for the new year, as there are fountains that shoot with less force and have more color. There are also hundreds of sparklers and roman candles available.

Pickens said the soggy weather has dampened business so far, and even Wilton, the famous gorilla on the roof, was sleeping Friday afternoon. However, she said business usually picks up on the last two days of the year.

“The bulk of our business comes in on the 30th and 31st,” she said.

Even if there is rain during the day, Pickens said the business will do everything it can to make sure fireworks make it to the customer’s vehicle dry.

Those wanting to shoot fireworks Monday night may be rained out as the National Weather Service is forecasting showers and a possible thunderstorm. The chance of precipitation is about 90 percent. The weather may be better Tuesday night as the possibility of rain falls to about 50 percent during the night hours.

If individuals do get a chance to shoot fireworks during the holiday, there are a few things they must remember to keep everybody safe, Pickens said.

One of the first rules is to use common sense and have plenty of water around.

“It is good to soak down the fireworks after you shoot them,” Pickens said.

She said don’t ever drink alcohol and shoot fireworks, and when shooting off large fireworks, keep the other stash of flammables far away because it’s easy for the sparks to light other stuff on fire.

Additionally, only adults should light the fuses of the large fireworks, Pickens said, suggesting that children should remain a safe distance away.

According to the BoomCityUSA website, the online retailer of the store, individuals should only shoot dry fireworks and never attempt to light a wet firework. Also, if the wind is too strong, don’t light any fireworks.