Lee County Sheriff confirms no gas leak at Beulah High School

Published 12:46 pm Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that there was technically no gas leak at Beulah High School on Tuesday, despite an aroma that smelled like gas.

According to Sheriff Jay Jones, students and personnel were moved to the school’s gym early Tuesday morning after noticing the gas smell. Jones said there was never any danger for students. Suspecting a ruptured line, school officials contacted the sheriff’s department and a utility company to investigate.

“Initially, it was reported as a gas leak, but it turns out that it was merely the pilot lights went out on the heaters because they ran out of propane. They just ran empty,” Jones said. “There was never any ruptured line, and it wasn’t a technical gas leak.”

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The smell came from propane tanks connected to heaters. Once the utility company confirmed that it was only propane, the school carried on with the normal daily procedure.

“Apparently the pilot lights went out, some of that leaked and you could smell it,” Jones said. “The utility company got there, and they determined what it was and are taking care of it.”