Residents complain about issue on River Road

Published 7:31 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018

VALLEY — Some residents along River Road in Valley are complaining about a problem between the newly-paved road and their homes and are asking for action to have it taken care of.

They are appreciative of the road having been resurfaced and striped this past summer, but are having problems with the dirt portion just off the new asphalt.

They were told that crusher run would be placed here to finish out the project but that’s yet to take place.

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River Road resident Freeman Parker contacted The Valley Times-News about the issue . When his mail is delivered, he said the mailman pulls off the side of the road to place items in his mailbox.

Doing this on a frequent basis has caused some deep ruts to form just off the road. Parker said it’s almost like a ditch has been cut between the road and his house.

Clinton Hadaway, who lives across the road from Parker, is aware of the problem.

“They paved some roads in Lee County the same time they paved this one,” he said. “They finished it the right way, and it looks so much better than what was done here. They put some crusher run between the asphalt and the shoulder of the road. It looks good, and it prevented the kinds of problems we’re having here.”

Valley Mayor Leonard Riley said that this has to be done to finish out the work.

“It’s going to be done,” he said. “The contractor hasn’t gotten to it yet. He’s had a lot going on, and we’ve had a lot of rainy weather.”

The mayor said the contractor has a piece of equipment sitting off of River Road and plans to finish the job once the weather clears.