County OKs funding for school supplies

Published 6:01 pm Thursday, January 31, 2019

Following up on its Reach the Teach Program started in 2017, the Chambers County Commission has allocated $15,885 in funding for local teachers in need of school supplies.

Teachers in the Chambers County and Lanett City school systems are now able to request $45 vouchers from the county. County Manager Regina Chambers makes sure all the paperwork is filled out correctly and send out the funds. 

“I think this will be very beneficial because the amount of money we get from the state is minimal,”said Five Points Elementary Principal Andrew Leak. “It’ll help out a ton because there are so many teachers that use their own money out of pocket, personal money, to purchase various items. It can be items from prizes that act as an incentive for the kids to do well on A.R. tests, or it can be as simple as buying materials when students aren’t able to afford anything.”

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The decision was also met excitedly by the commissioners, three of which were teachers in their former careers. Commission Chair David Eastridge said that he is certain these vouchers will be put to good use and take some weight off the shoulders of local teachers.

“We have three teachers on the commission at the present time and all of us have probably reached in our pocket to buy supplies,” Eastridge said. “Most teachers have a supply fund, but once that is spent, you’re sitting there. This will help the teachers in the classroom when they need supplies to teach our children.” 

Administrators in both area school districts expressed how much a program like this means for the area, not only because of the relief they felt getting extra supplies for teachers but because of what it means for local education.

“One of my philosophies is that you can see what you really care about in where you spend your money,” Leak said. “Putting more money into education… it shows that it is important to the community and the commission.”