Police: No major crimes in Chambers County over holiday

Published 6:25 pm Wednesday, January 2, 2019

LANETT — As residents in Greater Valley Area celebrated the incoming new year, local law officials say the holiday was relatively uneventful.

Authorities throughout the region said the New Year’s Eve night into the morning was typical and not much more activity than a busy weekend.

Captain Richard Casner with the Lanett Police Department said there wasn’t much significant activity other than a couple domestic violence calls, and several shots fired calls, which all turned out to be individuals setting off fireworks. He said there were a handful of arrests for driving under the influence.

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“Our guys were real active and stayed in our hotspots,” Casner said Wednesday.

He said the police department was busy, but it was similar to activity officers see every day.

“It was a busy new year, but a safe one,” he said.

Similar sentiments were had throughout the region. West Point Police Chief Donald Britt said it was surprisingly quiet during the holiday. He said there were a small number of shots fired calls that turned out to be fireworks and two DUI arrests.

In Valley, Major Mike Reynolds said the city had a rash of thefts, burglaries, and car break-ins, but nothing out of the ordinary. He said there was one DUI arrest.

In LaFayette, Police Chief George Rampey also said there wasn’t any major crime reported during the holiday.

“There was just a handful of incidents,” he said. “Nothing major, just your normal stuff.”

The police reports indicate some burglaries and thefts and a couple of domestic violence calls, but no shots fired or DUI arrests. On the county side, The Chambers County Sheriff’s Office made one arrest for DIU, according to a news release Wednesday.