Tramell reflects on West Point’s 2018

Published 5:43 pm Friday, January 4, 2019

The City of West Point certainly had a lot to talk about in 2018. From first-time events to new restaurants opening up in downtown, the city was always adding something.

To Mayor Steve Tramell, that kind of progress defined the year.

“There was definitely a lot of forward progress,” he said. “I think we are excited for the direction that West Point is headed. We are accomplishing things that have been put in place many years ago, achieving goals that were set back in the days prior to Kia.”

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These goals, many of which are nearing completion in 2019 after strides made in the previous year, include the road development on 10th Street, expanded housing for Point University students and building the Love’s Travel Stop off of exit 2.

“[Love’s] will really make it such a gateway, such a corridor for people to come into our area,” Tramell said. “Our 10th Street redevelopment has been something that has been dreamed about for years and years.”

Tramell also touched on the expansion of downtown offerings, both brick-and-mortar and temporary. Along with new restaurant additions like Momma Goldberg’s Deli and American Smokehouse, the downtown River Park also played host to first-time events like St. Paddy’s Day on the River and HolidayFest on the River, both put on by the Greater Valley Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Downtown continues to grow, and we are becoming a destination for people within a 50-mile radius to go to eat, play and enjoy themselves. We are gaining more and more events in our river park and downtown, giving more people more things to do,” he said. “Having things that are going to be continual like that, that people can count on year after year is a great thing.”

Tramell said that he and the city council’s goals for 2019 are to continue with the progress that is being made.

“We want to continue to make West Point a better place to live, work and play,” he said. “Just to keep improving upon our city, the infrastructure and the housing. It’s a great place now. We want to make it a fantastic place.”