Domino’s opens brand new store in Lanett

Published 12:11 pm Monday, February 11, 2019

LANETT — Rising out of the dust of its old property, Domino’s in Lanett is back to serving pizzas, wings and sandwiches to the Greater Valley Area — just in a new building.

The address has remained the same, only a few feet closer to the road than the older store, and the menu options haven’t changed either, but the equipment inside is all new, according to Domino’s Regional Manager Cara Elkins.

“Everything is the store except for maybe a couple of keyboards is brand new,” she said. “New oven, new make lines, new cooler, new everything.”

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The Domino’s in Lanett is owned by Cowabunga, Inc, which operates more than 100 stores in Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.

Elkins said the latest additions to the Lanett store are a pick-up window and a dining room. The pick-up window makes it so customers can order in advance and pick up their order without getting out of their car. It works like a drive-through window.

A dining room is also something the old store didn’t have, and since it’s much nicer inside, the customer experience will be better, Elkins said. She said the old store wasn’t nice on the inside with walls stained yellow and ceiling tiles that weren’t staying place. Moreover, the equipment was starting to fail, causing problems with customer orders, and it was expensive to have replaced or fixed.

“Now with this one, everything is really pretty, it’s inviting for the customers, and we have added a dine-in space where people can come in here and eat,” Elkins said.

Domino’s is also working to add more staff to serve the community better, she said, so there is a lot of hiring happening for anybody who is interested in working inside or as a delivery driver.

Elkins said it’s all about providing the best product to the customer.

“We wanted to bring a new, inviting store to the community to serve them and give them the best food that we could,” she said.

The employees have found the new store more inviting and comfortable to work in, Elkins said. She said people are happier and seem to take more pride in their jobs since the reopening.

“They want an environment where our team is proud to be there and proud to be a part of what we are doing,” Elkins said. “When people are proud of where they work and what they are doing, we are able to accomplish more.”

Domino’s in Lanett is open every day 10 a.m. and closes at midnight Sunday through Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the restaurant is open until 1 a.m. The store can be reached at (334) 642-2626 or at