LaFayette heading to polls again

Published 6:46 pm Thursday, February 14, 2019

It looks like it’s going to be another month before we know who will represent District B on the LaFayette City Council.

Tuesday’s election resulted in a run-off election between Charlotte Blasingame and David Ennis, unless something quirky happens when the results are double-checked next week. Shannon Hunter was a very close third place finisher, falling four votes short of Ennis. There are only three provisional ballots, so it’s unlikely the results change.

Blasingame was the original pick of the Mayor Barry Moody, but the council decided it was best to have an election.

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That was a very noble decision, one that put the power in the community’s hands, which can never be a bad thing.

However, it’s worth noting that this election has cost the city thousands of dollars. We don’t know the final cost yet, but it’s likely that by the time the run-off is complete that the election will have cost the city of LaFayette a pretty penny for each vote cast.

However, voters have taken notice and are doing their part.

There are 340 voters in District B and 141 of them participated in Tuesday’s election. That’s 41 percent of voters — a number we’d call extremely high for a special election in mid-February with nothing else on the ballot. Voters should be applauded for making their voices heard, but now it’s required that they do it one more time.

Historically, run-offs have lower voter turnout than the original election, and special election run-offs are a rarity that don’t happen often.

The run-off is still a month away, giving voters plenty of time to make up their mind on who they want to vote for. It’s clear the LaFayette City Council wants the community to decide who will represent District B.

We hope voters will take time to research both candidates and then will head to the polls with the same enthusiasm they did on Tuesday. It may not be a presidential or statewide election, but in a few weeks either Blasingame or Ennis will be voting on topics that affect everyday people in LaFayette.