National severe weather week

Published 5:19 pm Monday, February 18, 2019

This week figures to be a rainy one, with Chambers County expected to receive several inches of rain.

There’s an extremely high chance of rain Tuesday through Friday and although there isn’t a lot of concern about severe weather (at least at this point), there is a flooding concern.

Of course, a rainy week isn’t that surprising in Alabama, where it sometimes feels like winter in the morning and summer four hours later.

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The unpredictability of weather in the south is a reminder of the importance of planning, especially during spring, which is considered tornado season. This week is Severe Weather Awareness Week, which is a good time to talk with family members about what you’ll do if there is severe weather.

The National Weather Service in Birmingham is posting important information every day this week, but it started with a simple — but important — question Sunday on Facebook. Do you know where you live on a map? If you don’t, that’s a great place to start this week.

Meteorologists often spend a great deal of time on social media during weather events, answering questions about random cities in the state. Questions like — “Is it going to rain in Birmingham” or “is Tuscaloosa in the tornado warning?” — can often be answered just by reading a map. 

Beyond that, this week is about preparing for a day none of us hope ever comes. Make sure you have a way to get weather information.

The best options are to find a weather app that works for you or to get a weather radio.

It’s also important to talk with family. Make a plan. Discuss which area of your house is safest if your area becomes under a tornado warning. It’s typically a room in the center of the home with no doors or windows.

The last thing you want to do is to find yourself in that situation and not have a plan.

We also recommend paying attention to the topics the NWS goes over this week. A lot of those topics will offer a refresher on severe weather topics and important information you need to know. 

Spend a few minutes this week getting a severe weather plan in place. At some point down the line, you might be glad you did.