Chance to win is around the corner

Published 4:16 pm Friday, March 22, 2019

The Valley Times-News will soon roll out a new promotion that has not been seen by our readers before. Beginning on April 6, we will roll out a months-long Bingo promotion that will be free to play for any interested party over the age of 18. Through this promotion, our aim is to provide a fun, unique and entertaining game for the Valley community to take part in together.

The gist of the promotion is pretty simple. The Saturday, April 6 edition of the newspaper will include a Bingo playing card inserted into the newspaper. We will also have cards available for free at the Valley Times-News office for any eligible individual who wishes to participate to pick up. Individuals will need to hold onto this playing card for the duration of the game. Beginning in the Tuesday, April 9 newspaper, there will be one random Bingo number printed in the newspaper per day. These numbers will only be available in the printed newspaper and the subsequent E-edition, and will not be published through any other medium, including Facebook. As numbers are released, those participating in the promotion will mark those numbers on their Bingo cards, day-by-day, until all prizes are claimed.

The first individual to turn in a completely ‘blacked out’ card, meaning every available space has been filled, will win $1,000, to be paid via check within 30 days of presenting the winning card. In addition, the individuals to turn in the first horizontal, vertical, right-to-left diagonal, left-to-right diagonal and “T” cards will receive $100, to be paid via check within 30 days. We will continue to include one Bingo number per day in the daily newspaper until all prizes have been claimed.

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This is not a joke, there are no gimmicks involved with this game. Get a Bingo card, find the numbers in the daily newspaper, keep up with the promotion daily and you will have a chance to win $1,000.

This opportunity is made possible by those businesses who have partnered with us to sponsor the Bingo card. Specifically Vernon Woods, as well as Johnny’s Pizza, Renasant Bank, San Marcos Restaurant, Steve Wheeler, Sylvia Word Manor and Gregory A. McKay.

We appreciate the support you have each showed as we work to provide a fun, exciting opportunity for the community.

Winners must present valid ID when winning Bingo cards are turned in, and no one can win more than once, meaning the same individual cannot turn in multiple Bingo cards.

In an effort to provide the community with more fun, simple and engaging opportunities, this Bingo promotion checks all of those boxes.

We hope you will enjoy the opportunity to play Bingo with us in the coming weeks and months, and potentially walk away with some money.