God works in mysterious ways

Published 4:45 pm Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Christians are fond of saying that God works in mysterious ways. This is because they believe that God will present himself one way under given circumstances, but he surprises them by responding entirely differently than their expectations. This can be pleasant or unpleasant situations, causing them sadness or unhappiness.

I remember, very specifically, after the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York, media interviews with numerous individuals who believed that it was God‘s intervention that saved their lives that day. These individuals recounted stories about how they were supposed to have been in the towers that day of infamy and were for various reasons, prevented from getting to the buildings. Many in the interviews expressed their frustration, and even anger, until they later realized, that from their perspective, God, by placing obstacles in their paths, was actually saving their lives.

If we live long enough, all of us will probably experience similar things in our lives, that without God’s intervention, could have tragic consequences. I had such an encounter several years ago, after returning from an out of town speaking engagement. Upon arriving in Atlanta, the plane, for some reason, was not given its normal clearance to land, resulting in my being airborne more than 45 minutes longer. When I finally arrived in my home, I checked my voice messages on my home phone. One of the messages was from my former neighbor, who said that my tenants in my rental property appeared to be abandoning my home and that I should hurry and check it out. At the time his message came in, I was still in the air, circling the airport.

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I immediately rushed to my property, only to discover that the entire area was cordoned off by law enforcement. When I reached my tenants, they had no idea what I was talking about. I discovered while there, however, that my neighbor had shot his wife and committed suicide. It was around the same time that he had called my home.

A detective working the case recognized me and came over to talk. When I shared the context of what my former neighbor had done, she was speechless for what seemed to have been several minutes, and finally said, “Glenn, you probably, escaped a major tragedy.”

I was totally shocked and thankful that God had me under his mighty protection that day.

I pass my former neighbor’s house on a daily basis. Each time I am reminded of that fateful evening that changed many lives. I am very thankful to God for protecting me. I know that it was God who delayed my flight. God does work in mysterious ways.