Be weather aware Sunday

Published 5:45 pm Friday, April 12, 2019

Hopefully by now, you’ve gotten word that the weather on Sunday could be bad, with the potential for tornadoes and strong winds.

If not, back up a couple of pages, and read our weather story in this edition of the paper. We’ll update weather information on social media and on our website throughout the weekend too, so keep a close check there.

Anyone who has lived in the South for any significant amount of time knows the drill. It’s April, the peak of tornado season in Alabama. Central Alabama is under an enhanced risk, which means several severe storms are likely.

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The main threats are high winds and tornadoes. There’s a chance some of the weather will come through overnight in the wee hours of Sunday morning, which is always an alarming situation. Make sure you have a way to get weather information.

Get a weather app you trust, turn your phone up and be prepared, just in case severe weather does strike this area.

Not that anyone needs a reminder in this part of the state, but just over a month ago tornadoes in Lee County killed 23 people. There’s a story in today’s paper about a man with local connections that survived that storm.

Hopefully, the weather forecast improves and there are no severe threats. That’d be the best case scenario.

However, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make a plan now, watch the weather and stay safe this weekend.