Chance to take part in Bingo begins today

Published 5:00 am Saturday, April 6, 2019


e have been teasing this for weeks now, and today is the day of the big reveal. Inside the confines of your weekend newspaper is a complimentary Bingo card, which signals the start of a new, exciting promotion opportunity we hope you will take full advantage of.

This promotion is free to play for any interested party over the age of 18, and if you lose the complimentary Bingo card inserted in this newspaper, feel free to come by the Valley Times-News office and grab another while supplies last.

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Over the past few days, we have included a list of rules for the upcoming Bingo promotion we hope the community takes part in together, but those rules bear repeating again today, as today serves as the official kick-off.

Beginning with the impending Tuesday, April 9 newspaper, there will be one Bingo number printed in the newspaper per day. These numbers will only be available in the printed newspaper and subsequent E-edition, and will not be published through any other medium, including Facebook. As numbers are released, those participating in the promotion will mark those numbers on their Bingo cards, day-by-day, until all prizes are claimed.

The first individual to turn in a completely ‘blacked-out’ card, meaning every available space on the Bingo card has been filled, will win $1,000, to be paid via check within 30 days of presenting the winning card. In addition to this grand prize, the first individuals to turn in a Bingo card with horizontal, vertical, right-to-left diagonal, left-to-right diagonal and “T” spaces filled will each receive $100 as well, to be paid via check within 30 days of presenting those cards.

For a comprehensive list of rules, please see the Bingo card itself, which spells out all the finer points you’ll need to keep in mind. That being said, this is not a joke, there are no gimmicks involved here. All you must do is simply get a Bingo card, find the corresponding numbers in the daily newspaper and mark those numbers on your Bingo card. If you do this, you will have a chance to win $1,000.

For the newspaper to be able to offer such a promotion, we have partnered with some great community sponsors. Vernon Woods, as well as Johnny’s Pizza, Renasant Bank, San Marcos Restaurant, Steve Wheeler, Sylvia Ward Manor and Gregory A. McKay have all partnered with us to provide this great promotion to our subscribers.

We are thankful for each of our sponsors, and are pleased each saw the value in making this promotion possible.

We’re always looking for new, engaging ways to bring the community together. As we continue to work toward this end, we’ll continue to think of new, innovative promotions the community can enjoy.

For now, however, enjoy the next weeks and months as our Bingo promotion gets rolling, and good luck to everyone.