Letter: Gadsden paper missed the point on abortion

Published 5:20 pm Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Dear Editor,

The editor of the Gadsden Times crafted a logical, practical critique of the recent legislative actions of some states to limit abortion. However, the writer misses the main point.

The abortion issue is much larger than political and legal considerations. We live in a fallen world where it is plain that “all of creation is groaning” under the weight of sin (Rom. 8:22). What does abortion have to do with economic difficulties, social upheaval, crime, strife, the rise of evil nations and even global warming? A secular scientific analysis would yield little insight.

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However, once we understand who God is, what God demands of us and God’s character as revealed in scripture the relationship becomes obvious and inescapable. Abraham’s descendants would wait four generations to enter the promised land because “the iniquity” of its inhabitants was not complete (Gen. 15:16). That evil was child sacrifice to the Molech, the god of fertility (Lev. 18:21).

You see, the people of the land murdered their babies in sacrifice to this god to assure a good harvest. God would later destroy them completely. It is the most heinous of sins.

And what do we do in abortion? Is not our Molech really “a good harvest:” career, lifestyle, economic opportunity, social freedom and psychological well-being. A child is considered a burden and not a blessing? Are we really any different?

Beloved, the Lord is a God who is in control of all history. He is our judge and he will not tolerate sin. He is the one who plants and plucks up nations (Jer. 45:4). And so, he shall do with us.

We deceive ourselves that we have God’s favor because we pay lip service to his holiness and then disobey him in gross sin. We must repent as a nation lest we be judged and plucked up. Global warming is not the existential threat — sin is and always has been.

Yet there is forgiveness in Jesus Christ for those who repent and trust in him. Let us not become lost in the legal and political aspects of the debate.

I pray the Lord will not blind us and make us deaf to His message (Isa. 6:9-10).

All the Lord’s people must join in prayer — may he give our nation and its people the heart of understanding and bring us to repentance and faith. Be merciful, O’ Lord, and restore us.

Mitchel L Galishoff, MD