‘Amazing Shake’ develops necessary skills

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Amazing Shake is a competition that was started at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta to give fifth and sixth graders the chance to be assertive, have self-confidence and develop public speaking skills. The skills are exemplified by the large impression a handshake can leave on an individual.

At the recent competitions, round one stressed the basics, while round two was a good bit tougher, with the contestants on stage answering questions from a panel of judges. They could address questions in a talk that could last from three to five minutes.

Locally, Huguley fifth-grader Parker Williams, Fairfax fifth-grader Eli Whorton, W.F. Burns sixth-grader Si’Nora Grier, Fairfax fifth-grader Maggie Jo Rennie and overall winner W.F. Burns sixth-grader Ka’lyn Hargett all participated in the competition.

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Social skills are perhaps more crucial than ever now to be taught to children. In an age of warmer temperatures that leads children to stay indoors more than playing outside in official practices for organized sports, many kids don’t have to be social to make it to 18 anymore.

Job applications can be filled out online, asking someone to go on a date can be done over a text or a virtual message and there are probably tutorial videos online to complete any task that someone might want to pick up.

Avoiding people entirely is possible these days for a child growing up, but at some point in life, social skills are needed.

Teaching a child to give firm handshakes, eye contact and using “yes sir, no ma’am” in everyday speech goes a long way in life. Walking and speaking confidently gets a child even further.

While the Amazing Shake competition is a great way for students to get involved with extracurricular activities, more than just this it gives children an incentive to become the best versions of themselves beyond fifth and sixth grade.

Regardless of how local students finish in the competition, the Chambers County School District should be applauded for stepping up and participating in this program.