Beulah graduates dance way to diplomas

Published 10:46 pm Thursday, May 23, 2019

BEULAH —The 2019 Beulah High School graduation ceremony was truly one filled with jubilation.

Multiple graduates danced while their row stood up, danced across the stage and danced after receiving their diplomas.

“Class of 2019, we did it,” Beulah valedictorian Melissa Sanders said. “All of the late-night studying, all of our hard work in sports and all of our involvement in this school has led to this night. We wouldn’t be here without everyone who has helped us learn and grow along the way.”

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Smiles were on many of the faces present at the ceremony and it created an atmosphere that the crowd could not help but to enjoy.

Beulah principal Dr. Cincrystal Poythress advised the parents to keep individual cheers to a minimum so that every family can hear their graduate’s name. The families obliged to Poythress’ request and remained respectful until the very last name, Alexie Zharoff, was called. The audience was then asked to give an ovation to the class of 2019, and the applause was comparable to the noise level heard in Bobcat Stadium in fall 2018 when the school’s football team was playing its way to the program’s best season in 23 years.

Sanders, who was also a varsity cheerleader, reflected on the 74-student graduation class’ accomplishments.

“The Class of 2019 is truly special,” Sanders said. “Our football team, led by our seniors, made history this year by hosting the first playoff game in 23 years. Our senior student council members completed many hours of service, giving back to our community. Our class earned almost $2 million in scholarships, which is a testament to our success throughout high school. These achievements are small glimpses of what this graduating class has accomplished. A legacy that this community will remember for years to come.”

The ceremony then ended with the graduates walking toward the goal post and tossing up their graduation caps for one last hurrah.