Huguley News: Training sessions for state registrars are needed to stay up to date

Published 6:04 pm Friday, May 17, 2019

Willard and I, along with James and Virginia Weldon, recently spent a couple of days in Tuscaloosa, where we attended the spring training session for all the registrars of the state.

It is essential that the workers that keep the voting sessions we all attend are all up to date and legal as they can be. As new laws are passed and incorporated into our legal systems, it is important that we stay up to date as well. These sessions are important to make sure we are all working on the same page to keep things that threaten our voting processes on the up and up. Registrars work long hours to keep records updated and correct so people will have a good voting experience when they go vote.

In other news, Happy Citizens from Happy Valley Baptist met for their regular meeting last week. After we managed to solve all the world’s problems before lunch, we enjoyed a delicious covered dish meal. Attending were Susan and Willard Eason, Jerry and Janis Carmack and Faye Tines.

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As summer approaches, please remember to get your animals inoculated for rabies. I have seen several notices for rabies clinics, so load those critters up and head for one of them. We usually have to take ours a couple at the time. It is almost impossible to carry six at the same time! It is very important though. I have had several times over the years when I have posted needing a helper in the yard. It has gotten completely out of hand now, and we really need someone to do some manual labor in the yard. If you are looking for some temporary work, please call me or if you have a tidbit of news for us, I can be reached by at (706) 773-6550. I would love to hear from you.