Library summer program a staple

Published 11:50 am Friday, May 31, 2019

The Bradshaw-Chambers County Library is hosting its summer reading kickoff celebration today, the formal beginning to the library’s summer season. The summer programs at the library have long been a staple of the area, and the programs are anticipated by the community’s youth each year. This year looks to be no different.

With 31 different events taking place over the course of the month of June alone at the library, there will be something for everyone to enjoy along the way. From hands-on activities to comedy performances and much more, the library has taken steps to ensure it provides a broad array of options for those who attend.

The Bradshaw-Chambers County Library is able to create and conduct such a comprehensive summer activity slate thanks in large part to the generosity of one woman, Sylvia Ward McCollough, who made a significant contribution to the library in 2015. McCollough, who passed away in 2016, stipulated her gift to be used over the course of 20 years to provide special incentives to encourage local children to read. She struggled to read as a child, and gave the gift with the hope the library would be able to assist children in the area to overcome similar problems.

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The program offers a number of incentives to those who take part in the reading program. The first 150 summer readers who register and read 100 ‘short shelf’ books or 50 ‘tall shelf’ books will receive an invitation to a bowling party at Valley Bowl. School supplies and backpacks are also available for students who read this number of books throughout the summer as well.

There is also an adult summer program as well, which includes Lunch N’Learn opportunities throughout the summer and movie screenings and discussions as well. Truly, the library will have options for everyone this summer.

That the summer reading program available to the youth in the Valley is a testament, in large part, to one woman’s willingness to invest in the future of local students. Thanks to Mrs. McCollough’s generosity, an untold number of students will have resources, incentives and opportunities to become more adept readers. This is a wonderful reminder of the impact one individual can have on the lives of many.

We hope you and your family will take advantage of the program in the coming months.