Our View: Best of luck Class of 2019

Published 2:16 pm Monday, May 20, 2019

It’s graduation season in the Greater Valley Area, and we are excited to bring all our readers comprehensive coverage of all high school seniors walking across the stage.

The fun started last night with Valley High and throughout the week, we will bring readers coverage of LaFayette, Chambers Academy, Springwood, Lanett, Beulah and Troup High. We know how important it is to a student to reach to this milestone, and we also know how important it is for parents or guardians to watch their student receive their diploma.

In case you missed it, this past Saturday’s edition of The Valley Times-News had a special section inside with a photo of each graduate in the area, who the top students were and when and where the graduations will be held.

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We wanted to put all the information needed to guide readers through graduation season as well as honor those students who worked hard to get through high school.

After the students walk across the stage, some will go to college and some will go into the workforce. However, all are now memorialized in Greater Valley Area history.

It may be a short wait for some, but students should take some time to reflect the past few years of their young lives, how they got to this point and remember what they want to do in the future. Regardless if that is starting a career the following Monday, taking some time off before heading to college in the fall or taking some time to figure out what’s next.

Graduation also marks a major opportunity to thank the parents and guardians who raised the students graduating. It is no small task to raise a child from birth to a high school graduate. All those individuals deserve a big hand.

The teachers along the way also deserve some credit. Without the teachers, the students couldn’t learn and without students, there would be no teachers. Although their relationship depends on one another, it’s important to remember that teachers are the reason students learn and can call themselves graduates. We’re willing to bet that most of the students with a cap and gown this week have a special teacher — either in high school or beforehand — that touched their lives and helped them carve out their own path.

We wish all class of 2019 graduates the best of luck moving forward and most of all want to say congratulations.