Standout athlete Tate Reese named Chambers Academy valedictorian

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, May 15, 2019

LaFAYETTE — Tate Reese’s newest title of being the 2019 Chambers Academy Valedictorian falls in line with the rest of her high school career because she accepted nothing but excellence.

A 2018-19 AISA basketball All-Star and All-Valley Girls Basketball Team selection, Reese finished her academic stint with a 99 percent grade average at Chambers Academy.

“It makes me feel really proud because it’s something that I’ve worked hard for,” Reese said.

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Turning in homework on time, completing every assignment and studying in advance were some of her keys to success.

“I have the material, so I go home and read over my notes every night, and then you know what’s going to be on the test,” Reese said. “You always read over your notes so it’s fresh on your mind.”

Science is her favorite subject, and history was the toughest subject. Math was the one class where she feared getting a 95 on a test.

“I’m really good at math, but it’s easy to make one little mistake that can mess up your whole problem,” she said. “In math, if you make one bad grade on a test, it could mess up your GPA.”

Reese clarified that a bad grade for her is an A-minus.

Reese is currently undecided on her major but will be attending Auburn University this fall.

During basketball season, Reese wakes up at 6:30 a.m. before arriving at school at 7:40 a.m. After school, Reese gets out of practice around 3:30 p.m., before going home and hitting the books for hours. She said that playing sports has helped her with discipline, respecting her teachers and managing her time.

“I would say playing sports and her being the valedictorian are very big accomplishments,” Chambers Academy girls head basketball and softball coach Brandi Fuller said. “She just doesn’t have study time, she has sports time, which does take a lot of her schedule up. I’m very proud of her for all she does, and being the valedictorian, too.”

On the court, Reese averaged 8.7 points, 10.1 rebounds and two steals per game during her senior season. She was also part of the softball team that made a run to the playoffs this past season. Her favorite moment was hitting a deep three-pointer to end a quarter in a win against crosstown-rival Springwood.

“It really has been a great senior year,” Reese said. “I’m sad it has come to an end. Basketball is my favorite sport. It was a great finish for me, but I’m really sad that it’s over. It’s something that I’m really proud of, this year has been really good.”

While she doesn’t intend on playing basketball intramurals in college, Reese said that she would be open to the idea of returning to Chambers Academy to help Fuller coach.

Reese is closing one chapter and beginning another in a couple of months, and she admitted the transition wouldn’t be easy.

“The people here are like your family, and it’s going to be really sad leaving such a big part of your family behind,” she said.